A. Flash Trades/High Frequency Trades: High-frequency traders often confound other investors by issuing and then canceling orders almost simultaneously. Loopholes in market rules give high-speed investors an early glance at how others are trading. And their computers can essentially bully slower investors into giving up profits — and then disappear before anyone even knows they were there.

High-frequency traders also benefit from competition among the various exchanges, which pay small fees that are often collected by the biggest and most active traders — typically a quarter of a cent per share to whoever arrives first. Those small payments, spread over millions of shares, help high-speed investors profit simply by trading enormous numbers of shares, even if they buy or sell at a modest loss (@nytimes)

So one can find a trending share and buy in flash trades to offload to the regular joes at day trading terminals at a higher price

B. Trading Pools: Stock Exchanges are too evolved and too public, program trading can be limiting thus global banks look for exclusive clubs that do large OTC deals in any trading security in these black pools, unhindered by public trade, even better than high frequency trading where they get a 0.03 sec window into others’ buy orders for a fee.

C. Algorithmic trading at $GS and $UBS? : Investing algorithms figure out such artificial arbitrage opportunities and market-making forcing small profitable trends. Other algorithms just ride on available trends and risk capital markets only when market wide trends get accelerated by 50-100 times because of these monster machines!

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Of course there’s

D. Stocktwits: Just add a $ to any ticker symbol in your tweet and reach the tweet nation

E. Socialpicks/upDown/Wallstreet Survivor and One season: Trade your fave stocks and get community intel on every moneycenter bank and penny pick or any international ETF and currency , GLD and OIL

F. zyaada blogs:  😉 All the above in a single user stream, culled the best intelligence and analysis in a top 10 portfolio, related news and happening events on Twitter, Facebook and Wp.com