At its RNRL and Reliance Capital AGMs today, Anil Ambani announced new Capital raising plans for its Insurance and Infrastructure companies including the Western Freeway Sealink, utilizing the current buoyancy in the markets to “unlock value” Thus efforts continue to overcome challenges to RNRL from the new legal action by customers and Government for actioning RIL PSC (Production Share Contracts)

Reliance ADA Grp made plans public for spending Rs 10000 Crores ($2b) to add 20MT pa capacity in Cement making apart from reiterating its earlier plans for Insurance ( That would be a large 1000 cr, $200m issue before QIP). Reliance also announced that it would be diversifying into Investment Banking later this year. They have recently floated a Domestic Investor focussed Private Equity fund and will obviously learn from previous aborted ventures of Rel Capital when it was more a shared concern of the two brothers as also a direct support line for Grand Ambani plans

In related news, Yes Bank has also organized a $250 m QIP while, IDFC has added 40K ESOPs to its capital and IFCI has acquired Rs 300 cr ( $60m of MCX from the software team at FTIL) The iron is hot, and ADA has always been the more financially literate and savvy teams.