The manifesto of Samajwadi Party, led by Mulayam Singh Yadav, clearly goes to show that the party aims to win majority of its votes from ‘Rural India’. If they come to power the party might actually end up widening the gap between rural and urban sections of India, instead of bridging it.

The manifesto says that they will work against the compulsory use of English as a medium in education, administration and judiciary. The motive is to provide a level playing field to all by abolishing ‘expensive English medium’ schools. If this plan is executed then we will have to see many top graded public schools being shut. Surprisingly, Mulayam’s two sons have gone to such public schools. Being anti-english has been his pet theme every time elections are around. But this actually poses a big concern for the Indian IT /BPO sector. The main reason why India actually became a significant hub for outsourcing is because it has a huge English speaking population, along with the cost advantage. If it was not the case then even China would have gained a lot of business from the developed countries. China is already going full throttle with English education, which is already alarming for the sector.

The other point which is of great concern is the ban on use of computers in new projects where the work can be done by hands. Again, I believe this step is retrogressive. This sort of shift will take us back by decades of advances that technology has made to increase the productivity and efficiency of human capital.

The manifesto also talks about cutting back stock trading and abolishing the ‘mall culture’.When the fact of the matter is that Samajwadi party was drawn to the ‘mall culture’ when they were in power in the state.

Clearly, the party leadership is being short-termist by trying to woo the rural India and alienating the urban section by putting such themes in the manifesto. Any government in power should try to move ahead by adopting forward-looking policies for economic and social development Which will be a gradual process but being retrogressive and short sighted in order to please a certain segment of the population for votes is absurd.

In order to fight this disorder, I believe the youth will have to shed their complacency and stop with the coffee table discussions about politics and actually go out and vote, so that tainted ministers and warped ideologies don’t end up being in power and rule us another term.