Deutsche finally completed Post Bank’s acquisition and Commerzbank and DKB can probably start their consolidation efforts now with a little more pace. I do feel however, that Deutsche’s succession battles and many other public stances have more been a figment of peoples’ imagination than anything else. However, much morre is expected of the German major than selective job cuts. We need our leadership in the banking domain and that of HSBC to convert into tangible market and sector victories for Deutsche Bank. We need the bank targeting markets which need both its quick and stodgy ways and come out as an equal to the J P Morgan and Goldman Sachs it has always coveted. We need them to win in securities processing, keep the house in FX, learn more new things in IFRS and Fixed Income, and drop the real waste rather than selling off their only profitable pieces like the others we know

A well-known crap shooter at a respected journal in the domain, looked up Deutsche Bank for a few notes and commented as well on the silence at Deutsche but I think she loves a little bit of diving in the shallow end as always. I trust the Deutsche Bank machine is ready to send out the message that it is alive and kicking.